Weekly Devotionals

Devotionals will be posted on Tuesday and Friday of each week.

Join us as we seek the Lord as a church in 2021. Participate by practicing 4 Spiritual Disciplines for 40 days.


As a church we are going into a 40-day period of fasting. Fasting is a time where we intentionally give something up in order to make room for the Lord. You can give up some kind of food, a daily meal, or one day a week of food. Or you can do a non-food fast. Maybe stay off social media. But whatever you do, allow it to create room in your life to hear from God.


The Second element of 4 for 40 is Scripture reading. Join together with us as we dive into God's Word in one accord. But, don't worry, you're not alone in it. We will all be reading the same scripture together. Click the button to download the reading plan. We will also post video devotionals here on Tuesdays.


During the forty days we are asking you to worship with the church. That means you can gather with us on Sunday (or tune in online) and also join us in person or virtually for two special nights of worship on January 28th and February 11th at 7:00pm. We also want you to worship through sharing what God is doing in your life through this time. Click the button below to submit your testimony.


Finally, we ask you to commit to pray, daily. Seek the Lord in this time! We also want to invite you to attend two special nights of prayer on January 14th and February 4th at 7:00 pm. There will be both in person and online prayer options.